If You Are A College Baseball Coach Or The Parent Of A Graduating - Or Recently Graduated - Player Then This Information Is For You

Dear College Baseball Coach or College Baseball Parent,

If you would like to see your child, your soon-to-be graduating players, or your recently-graduated baseball players have a chance to play professional baseball then I would like to help.

My name is Matt Mc Dermott, and I have made arrangements with several general managers and league executives across all of the North American independent professional baseball leagues.  

The Challenges Facing Independent Baseball Front Office and League Executives When It Comes To Finding Qualified Players

In my discussions with these executives I discovered that one of their biggest headaches is getting phone calls from prospective players right before they go into staff meetings, civic events, or right before they are supposed to meet with sponsors.

They ask the players to send the information and then the responsibility is on the player to make sure that his information is complete, accurate, and gets to the right person.

Sadly, many great baseball players NEVER complete this step... and they end up working in jobs they don't like complaining that no one ever gave them "a shot" at professional baseball.

You may not be familiar with the operations of independent baseball, but the situation is usually this:
  • Limited manpower in the front office so they don't have time to spend hours and hours tracking down a prospective player.  If the information is not immediate and readily available they will move onto the next prospect.  This is one of the ways how good ball players "fall through the cracks," and never get the opportunity to play professionally
  • Tough to find qualified players immediately in midseason should a current player get hurt, suspended, or have his contract purchased by an affiliated team
  • General managers and assistant GM's get over 200-300 phone calls a season, out of the blue, from parents and players themselves who want to play.  It is tough to get all of the information in one, easy-to-read location especially if the team has a small front office staff.  Yes, I know this because as the assistant GM for an independent team I personally received over 200 calls.  My GM received over 400 that same season!

How I Can Help You Get Your Player Exposure To The Independent Baseball Leagues

I would like to remove this concern for those players in whom you have invested time, money, and your reputation!

What I have established is a set of databases which will go to the general managers, directors of player operations, league executives, and team owners who agreed to receive my information.  They will get this data every week... even DURING the season.

In addition, you may know a player who was released from an affiliated organization and doesn't know how to get into the independent leagues.  Remember that just because you know a player who was released from Double-A level baseball it does not guarantee him a roster spot on an independent team!

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Prospective Independent Baseball Players' Database

I want to make this as much of a "no-brainer" for you as possible.  So I created two ways where a player can join the database for very reasonable terms:

  • A one-time charge of $6.95 which will get your player inclusion in the database and have his contact information sent to the team/league executives throughout 2009.  This can be ordered through PayPal
  • If times are tough and you don't want to pay a penny that's fine! Instead, you can join for free simply by signing up for a free or paid trial offer (your choice) from any number of national advertisers.  I get paid by the advertiser, and your player has the right to cancel at any time.  More information and a quick "how-to" video are included on the links listed toward the bottom of this page

Who Can Join The Prospective Independent Baseball Players Database

I only want the following players to join the database:
  • Those players who have been recently released from affiliated organizations and are not under contract to any professional team
  • Those players who have graduated within the last 3 years and have no previous professional baseball experience
  • Those players who are about to graduate and want to pursue opportunities to play professionally
  • Those players on semi-pro teams who want independent baseball league tryout information
  • Those players at least 18 years of age, who have dropped out of college baseball due to academics or never attended college but have legitimate high school baseball credentials and references
Please note that I, this website, its partners, and the professional organizations assume NO liability when it comes to eligibility requirements.  The player must check with his coach and/or athletic director to make sure that he has permission to have his contact information sent to professional baseball organizations.  Thank you for understanding.

What If Your Player Has An Agent And/Or Has Already Signed With A Prospect Service, Tryout Camp Service, Or Player Procurement Service

If your player has signed with any of these services, make sure that your player is not bound to any "exclusive" contracts.  All I offer is the ability to have a player's contact and biographical information sent to the team/league executives in a standardized format.

I do not intend to compete with agents for your player's rights nor do I want your player to incur problems with a tryout service to which he signed.  Joining my service simply gives you the following benefits:
  • It is low-cost (or even possibly no-cost)
  • It removes the headaches from the General Managers and other team/league officials who receive incomplete information from players
  • It removes the concern that a player's e-mail ends up in the "spam" folder of a team executive
  • It is sent to the executives DURING the season (as well as during the preseason) so that the decision makers have fresh data coming to them throughout the season.  This is useful because when a current roster spot is opened, team management needs thorough information immediately available to them in order to make quick decisions.
If there are no conflicts with your player's agent or other service then I invite your player to join mine as an extra targeted service. This decision will give your player one additional avenue of exposure to the independent league decision makers.

What Are Your Next Steps

Here are your next steps:  

First, download this free report about Independent Baseball as it relates to college baseball players and coaches.  If you like the content then you are welcome to send it to other coaches, players, or parents whom you know.

Second, click the link which best describes you, your son, or the player whom you represent:
Thank you for your time and I wish your player all the best in his pursuit of a professional baseball career.



P.S.  I am NOT an agent, nor do I guarantee that your player will be contacted and/or signed by an independent team or league.  I simply offer a low-cost/no-cost solution to have your player's information sent to the team and league executives who want my data.  

P.P.S.  In addition, if you know college students who wish to become interns in independent baseball please send them to this link:  Independent professional baseball interns

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